Timed Settings:

  • 8 Seconds
    (3 Beeps)
  • 10 Seconds
    (4 Beeps)
  • 12 Seconds
    (5 Beeps)
Use the 0 (zero) position if you choose not to use the timed settings. Keep handle closed until you’re ready to remove hair.
MiraCurl® Tips and Tricks
Tips and tricks. Get the most out of
MiraCurl SteamTech.
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Tips and tricks. Get the most out of MiraCurl®.
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Follow these 3 easy steps to create beautiful curls.
  1. 1Place a section of hair no longer than 1.5" wide in the “V” section of the unit. Make sure that the “open” side of the MiraCurl is always positioned facing the client’s head. Position the machine where you want the curl to start.
For MiraCurl SteamTech, Turn the steam function on if desired. Refer to “Steam function” and “Filling the water reservoir” sections below.
  • Steam function – Fill the reservoir as described. Turn the machine on and allow it to heat up before turning on the steam function. Once the red light stops blinking, turn the steam on/off switch to ON. If not using steam, make sure switch is set to OFF and empty the water reservoir.
  • Filling the water reservoir
    1. To fill the reservoir, remove it by slightly lifting the edge and pulling it out of the unit.

    2. Open the black rubber cap and fill reservoir with distilled water.

    3. Replace the cap, making sure it is tightly sealed and lock the reservoir back into the unit – you will hear a “click.”

    4. Make sure the unit is OFF when removing, filling or putting the reservoir back into the unit.

  • While emitting steam always use according to instructions, and keep unit 1" away from scalp.
  • Once you turn the steam option on, simply insert hair strand and close the unit. The steam will flow as curl is forming.

    NOTE: Opening and closing unit rapidly with steam function ON may cause excess water to flow, bubbling and noise.
  • MiraCurl can be used on any type of real hair, whether it comes out of your head naturally or is attached with extensions. Straight or wavy, it’s all good. DO NOT use with synthetic hair of any kind.
  • ALWAYS position MiraCurl with the open part of the curl chamber facing toward the head.
  • Insert hair section into the “V” portion of the curling chamber. Ensure the hair section is straight and placed neatly through the center of the styler.
  • It always helps (especially with wavy hair) to comb through the section of hair that is about to be curled before placing it in the curling chamber.
  • For longer hair (below the shoulders), use a smaller section to make sure that the curling chamber is not overloaded.
  • If, for any reason, too much hair is drawn into the curling chamber, MiraCurl is smart! The machine will stop and the curling motor will reverse. Simply re-do with a narrower section of hair.